Carnivore Diet Meal Plan: A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners

Carnivore Diet Meal Plan

Carnivore Diet Meal Plan: A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners

Dec 01, 2022

Diet plays an important role in staying healthy. Each diet is divided into a meal plan. One of them is the carnivore diet meal plan, which gains huge popularity among people. It includes only meat and water. This diet offers many health benefits like weight loss, improved mood, reduced inflammation, and a strengthened immune system. The carnivore diet became popular when Joe Rogan (A UFC commentator & podcaster) started taking it. 

Everyone was curious to know how it could benefit maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Whether you come here due to its hype or knowing whether it works or not, we will share every single detail about this diet with you. This post is also for you if you plan to go on a carnivore diet. We will share the detailed guide along with a complete diet plan. So, get ready to educate yourself on this diet plan.

What Is A Carnivore Diet?

Carnivore diet

Simply put, a carnivore diet includes meats and other animal products. That means you completely restrict other food like fruits, vegetables, grains, and high fats. You also limit the intake the low-lactose dairy products. The carnivore diet plan is the opposite of the vegan diet plan in which you focus only the green veggies.

The origin of this diet is from our ancestors who survived years by eating only animal foods. This diet aims to lower the carbs in the body. It is a further step to the ketogenic and paleo diet. Shawn Baker is the person behind the popularity of the carnivore diet. In 2018, Shawn wrote a book on this diet and founded an online community called Revero that promotes the diet.

What Are The Benefits Of Taking A Carnivore Diet?

Like any other diet, it also offers many health benefits. However, its credibility was always in question once the license of Baker was revoked by the New Mexican Medical back in 2017. According to the research and the testimonial of people who try it, there are different benefits of taking a carnivore diet:

Helps In Weight Loss

It looks unfamiliar but eating meat in a measured quantity helps you lose weight. It is because you directly shift your calories and energy from carbs to fats. It is similar to the keto diet in which you shift your energy on low carbs diet.

When you eat only meat and animal foods, the metabolism in your body uses the combination of body and dietary fat as fuel. As a result, the body fat burns and converts into energy. In addition, this diet for weight loss has fats and proteins that reduce hunger and regulate appetite.

Reduce Inflammation

When you eat a diet that is rich in crabs, it automatically increases inflammation in the body. However, it is different from the case of the carnivore diet plan. This plan is designed to include food rich in saturated fat. When you consume the required amount of calories, it reduces the inflammation in the body.

During the carnivore diet, you also eat animal foods that are rich in proteins. These sources of food provide collagen that improves the health of cartilage.

Improves Mental Health

According to a recent study, 30% of people find increased focus, energy, and mental clarity after following this diet plan. As the diet focuses on limiting carbohydrates and increasing fats, our body runs on fats or ketones for energy. Before starting the carnivore diet, consult your dietician to get better results. The ketones we receive from the diet have neuroprotective properties that brains use for generating energy.

What Is A Carnivore Diet Meal Plan?

A carnivore diet meal plan includes a list of foods for the upcoming week or month. Like any other diet plan, it suggests different meat and other dietary food in a meal. The plan is usually divided into breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

One of the essential things about this meal plan is a type of animal meat. It also includes recipes that are meat-focused to add a unique taste. However, it is recommended to take an advice of an expert before making a meal plan.

Foods You Can Add To Your Carnivore Diet Plan

You can also create your customized diet meal plan by adding the foods mentioned below. We at Health Tips And Guide conduct background research about each food. Moreover, you can also consult with a dietician about your meal plan. Here are foods you can eat on the carnivore diet:

  • Animal Meat
  • Eggs
  • Bone marrow
  • Fish
  • Dairy products that are low in lactose
  • Animal-based grease, lard, and fats
  • Simple Condiments
  • Salmon 
  • Ground beef
  • Turkey

Each food mentioned above has its properties, like meat which will be your main source of calories should be grass-fed meat, for example, ribeye, bacon, pork, porterhouse, and t-bone.

Foods To Avoid In The Carnivore Diet Meal Plan

There is also a list of foods you should avoid at any cost. As the carnivore diet is restrictive, so you have to exclude the following list of food from your meal plan:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • High Sugar foods
  • Dairy products
  • Additives like nitrites, Nitrates, and MSG
  • Meat of low-grade
  • Nuts
  • Bread
  • Pastries

It is important to remember that you should avoid adding anything that doesn't include animal meat. You can talk with your dietician for more info about the foods to exclude.

What Is The Recommended Carnivore Diet Plan For Beginners?

If you are a beginner, then start with a 7-day diet plan. We don’t recommend you go directly with a monthly diet plan. This carnivore diet meal plan for beginners is designed with proper care. So, let's get started plan your weekly carnivore diet plan.

Day 1

Breakfast: Eggs, steak, bacon

Lunch: Jerky salmon, beef tips, fried pork

Dinner: Ground beef patties, crab

Day 2

Breakfast: Shrimp, eggs, feta cheese omelet

Lunch: Chicken thighs, tuna fish 

Dinner: lamp chops, beef liver

Day 3

Breakfast: Feta cheese omelet

Lunch: Boiled eggs, mackerel, pork chops

Dinner: Bone marrow, turkey, roasted chicken

Day 4

Breakfast: Bacon, shredded chicken 

Lunch: Salmon jerky, Beef meatballs 

Dinner: Bison burgers and crab cooked in grass-fed animal lard

Day 5

Breakfast: Trout, Scrambled eggs, Chicken liver

Lunch: Turkey burgers, pork chop, roasted lamp  

Dinner: Scallops cooked in lard, roasted salmon

Day 6

Breakfast: Chicken, Feta Omelette 

Lunch: Beef liver, fish

Dinner: Roasted turkey

Day 7

Breakfast: Eggs and bacon

Lunch: Pork, grilled chicken

Dinner: Roasted lamb, beef

Follow this simple diet plan at the starting week of your carnivore meal.  

How To Prepare For The First Week Of The Carnivore Diet?

The first week of the carnivore diet is the hardest one. It is vital to keep yourself prepared before diving into this right now. As you know, this diet's major source of calories is meat. So, you have to rely on animal products for energy. Your body also adjusts and requires a certain amount of energy. Here's how you prepare for the first week of this diet:

Go For A Blood Test

Before you start the carnivore diet, the primary thing is to get your blood test done. Every person has different metabolism needs. So, you need to understand your metabolism needs for the diet. For this, consult with your doctor or physician. The expert can review your body's needs and suggests the foods to remove from the plan.

Measure You Calories

The next step is to keep track of your daily calories, as the carnivore diet includes meat that is high in calories. So, it is important to keep measuring the calories with the help of a weight loss calorie calculator. You can easily calculate and track your daily calorie intake. During the early days, you should also avoid taking food that is high in calories.

Take Expert Assistance

There will be days when you get hungry and eat non-stop. In such a case, you should take expert assistance. Only the right amount of diet will bring a result in the future. In the beginning, your appetite will fluctuate. You don't have to worry, as it is common in the early days of the carnivore diet. Once your body gets used to the diet, you will adjust accordingly.

What Are The Risks Associated With A Carnivore Diet?

As you have the carnivore diet meal plan free for the first week, it is vital to know its possible risk. Not every dietician shares the negative effects of this diet on health. Health Tips And Guide believes in creating a transparent relationship with our readers. Our team shares every possible side effect of the diet we recommend.

Here are the various risks associated with the carnivore diet:

Diet Has Low Vitamin C And Fiber

The carnivore diet has low Vitamin C and fiber in it. As you consume animal meat and products during your diet, your body doesn't get enough vitamin C. In such cases, the body tissues don't repair and cause chronic disease. 

On the other, the main source of fiber is the plant-based food absent in this diet. If you have a carnivore diet meal plan PDF, it doesn't include the list of foods rich in fiber. Due to this, you may face different problems like constipation, a weak immune system, and the risk of developing colon cancer.

Not Suited For Everyone

The carnivore diet is only suited to some. It may be problematic for people who have chronic kidney disease. People allergic to high-cholesterol food should also avoid this diet. 

Additionally, a certain population with specific nutrient needs should stop consuming the carnivore diet. It also includes kids, pregnant women, and lactating women. The diet of a carnivore is suitable for everyone. So, you need to specify your body's needs before making a long-term or 30-day carnivore diet meal plan.

It Lacks Micronutrients

Our body needs a certain amount of micronutrients. The carnivore diet may contain a small number of micronutrients and plant-based compounds. However, meat provides some nutrients that are only sometimes beneficial for the body. When you follow the diet plan strictly, it may cause a deficiency of micronutrients in the body.

Includes Saturated Fats And Sodium

When you eat meat daily, it increases the number of saturated fats in the body. The animal-based and dairy products have high sodium that may negatively affect the body. On the other hand, a large amount of sodium can cause various conditions like headaches, kidney problems, swelling, and the risk of a major stroke.

Absence Of Vital Bacteria

Our body is in continuous need of bacteria to facilitate various activities. Many experts believe that taking the carnivore diet solves various intestinal problems. It is possible because, during the diet, various inflammatory foods like lactose and sugar start eliminating the body. But the problem arises when the good bacteria also eliminate along with inflammatory foods. As a result, people face digestion issues.

Wrap Up

The all-meat diet has become popular due to its wide acceptance by celebrities. During the diet, you only eat meat and animal-based products. While creating a carnivore diet meal plan, you should avoid non-meat foods at any cost. There are many advantages of taking the carnivore diet, like reduction in inflammation, weight loss, and a better immune system. 

If you are a beginner, start with a weekly diet plan. It is also important for you to know the possible risk associated with a carnivore diet. We hope you get all the answers to the questions in this post. If you have any doubt, feel free to contact us. 

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Can I Eat Eggs On A Carnivore Diet?

Yes, you can eat eggs on a carnivore diet. Adds a grass-fed animal-based egg to your diet. It is an excellent food to add to your meal plan.

Is A Carnivore Diet Beneficial In Weight Loss?

Study claims that people who eat the carnivore diet lose weight substantially. However, to notice the result, you must stick to the diet plan for 3-4 months.

What Should I Eat During My First Week Of The Carnivore Diet?

During the first week of your carnivore diet, you should only eat meat, eggs, butter, and cheese. You should only change the food after completing the ten days.

Which One Is Better Between The Carnivore And Keto Diet?

The Keto diet is a better option for people from a health point of view. The carnivore diet has various downsides, like a lack of fiber, sodium, and vitamin C. In addition, the keto diet is easily maintained for the long term.

What Should I Eat For Breakfast On A Carnivore Diet?

You can try many food ideas for breakfast during the carnivore diet. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Eggs

  • Pork

  • Sugar-free bacon

  • Chives

  • Raw Cheese

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