How To Sleep After Keratin Treatment: Expert-Backed Tips

How To Sleep After Keratin Treatment: Expert-Backed Tips

How To Sleep After Keratin Treatment: Expert-Backed Tips

Jun 05, 2023

Keratin treatment is a modern hair treatment that is often used by women to prevent frizziness and get smooth hair. This treatment makes the hair shiny and also helps you manage them easily. Keratin treatment is done by a professional hairstylist using the standard procedure. However, most women are confused about how to sleep after keratin treatment. The truth is that after getting a keratin treatment, you have to take care of the hair for a few days so that it doesn’t get damaged.

In this blog, we will discuss how to take care of hair after getting keratin treatment and all processes to ensure that your hair doesn’t get damaged when you sleep. Let’s check the quick process to find the best ways to protect your hair keratin treatment.

Defining Keratin Treatment- Modern Haircare 

Keratin is a protein that is found naturally in the hair, nails, and skin. The protein present in the hair can lose its keratin due to the humidity and other issues associated with the hair. Keratin treatment is a hair treatment that helps to retain its protein (Keratin) and moisture back to the hair. 

How To Sleep After Keratin Treatment

It reduces frizz, dryness, and split ends, and helps you to get shiny & smooth hair. Unlike other products, keratin treatment doesn’t contain chemicals like formaldehyde which can cause hair to become brittle. The duration of the treatment is approx 1-2 hours depending upon the length and thickness of your hair. 

The effect of keratin treatment can last for 5–6 months depending on how well you treat the hair. That’s why it is important to know how to sleep after keratin treatment. The right sleeping position can protect your hair from damage and continue its smoothness. 

Why Protecting Hair Is Important After Getting Keratin Treatment? 

After getting a keratin treatment, it is important to take extra care of your hair. With a long process of keratin treatment the hair will not be fully set, the keratin will take a few days to set properly on the hair. The treatment can take about a week to set completely. Your hairdresser can also recommend you avoid certain things and advise you to follow some of the precautions to maintain the hair texture. 

Keratin treatment offers various benefits to the hair but it can also weaken and make your hair sensitive. If you don’t take proper care of the hair it can get damaged and lose its texture. So it’s very important that you protect your hair while sleeping. Since, an average person sleeps for 7-8 hours daily, during these sleeping hours a keratin applied to the hair can negatively affect it. That’s why women who take keratin treatment often ask how to sleep after keratin treatment. By following the simple tips we share in the next section, you can protect your hair while sleeping after getting a keratin treatment.

How To Sleep After Keratin Treatment: Proven Tips To Protect Your Hair While Sleeping 

It is not easy to sleep for the first few days after getting keratin treatment as the treatment can take a few days to set on the hair properly. You have to be more careful for 3–4 days after getting a keratin treatment to maintain its healthy look. Here are some of the proven tips  on how to sleep after keratin treatment: 

Use A Silk Pillow To Sleep 

Silk is a soft fabric that can help you to reduce the friction between the fabric and the hair while you sleep. Constantly friction during sleep can cause the hair to break down, silk pillows help you to prevent breakage in the hair and minimize the damage while you’re sleeping.

Silk pillows are usually suggested by many hairstylists to be used while sleeping after keratin treatment. Using a silk pillow to sleep after getting keratin treatment can help you maintain the moisture of the hair. 

Sleep Flat On Your Back 

Sleeping in the flat can help you to keep your hair straight for longer. It is not important that you should always sleep on your back, but for the few days after the keratin treatment, you should sleep flat on your back. When you get into the bed, keep your head straight on the silk pillow and keep your hair flat to the top of the pillow so that your hair doesn’t get tangled up in the pillow when you’re sleeping. 

Sleeping position can affect your hair texture as it can become messy when you keep changing your sleeping position. Therefore, you should sleep on your back for a few days to maintain your hair texture.

Leave Your Hair Loose And Down 

After the keratin treatment, you should take care of the hair for a few days to avoid your hair getting tangled or damaged while you sleep. While sleeping, leave your hair loose and down to the pillow so that it doesn’t get stuck on your body. In order to properly set the keratin treatment, leave the hair open and do not use hair clips, or any hair accessories to tie the hair for a few days.

How To Take Care For The Hair After Keratin Treatment?

Protecting your hair after a keratin treatment is important to maintain the effect of treatment and ensure your hair stays smooth and shiny for a longer time. Here are some steps to take care of your hair after receiving a keratin treatment:

  1. Do not wash your hair immediately or the next day after the keratin treatment, as the treatment takes time to set on the hair. The treatment should be left on the hair for at least two to three days to set properly. You can wash the hair after three days with a mild shampoo.
  2. Avoid heating tools like hair straighteners, blow dryers, or curling irons for at least 2 weeks after the treatment. You can use them after a few weeks at a lower temperature and with a heat-protecting spray.
  3. For at least two weeks after the treatment do not tighten your hair like a ponytail or buns as it can form lines in your hair.
  4. Avoid wearing any hair accessories such as clips, bobby pins, and hair ties with metal clasps for a week as they can cause your hair to curl.
  5. Avoid using hair products that contain harsh chemicals like sulfates and alcohol.
  6. Avoid going swimming or to the beaches for at least two weeks after the treatment. The chlorine in swimming pool water and the salt in beach water both are unsafe for hair. Chlorine and salty water can absorb the keratin treatment and can make your hair dry.
  7. Use a scarf or umbrella while going out of the house or spending time in the sun to protect your hair from UV damage.

Following these precautions in your hair care routine can help your keratin treatment to last longer.

How To Wash Hair After Keratin Treatment? 

After the keratin treatment, your hairdresser can recommend you avoid washing your hair for a few days. However, you can wash your hair after three days, by taking the precautions we share below:

  • Before washing your hair oil your hair with coconut or argan oil. The keratin treatment can make your hair dry due to the use of high-heating tools. Applying oil to the hair before washing can help to add moisture to the hair.
  • While washing your hair you should avoid using a shampoo that contains harsh chemicals like sulfate and paraben, these chemicals can absorb the keratin from your hair and cause damage to the hair. Use a sulfate-free and paraben-free shampoo to wash your hair after treatment.
  • Do not rub the hair harshly while washing as it can cause the hair to get tangled and damaged. Apply the shampoo to the hair and then massage it with a gentle rubbing motion.
  • After shampooing your hair, use a high-quality conditioner. Conditioners can help to maintain moisture in the hair and prevent it from getting dry.
  • Avoid washing your hair regularly and using too much shampoo. 
  • Wash every 2 – 3 days and use a sulfate-free shampoo made for keratin-treated hair.
  • Dry the hair using a soft towel, avoid rubbing the hair harshly, and let it dry for a few hours. 
  • Use a good quality hair serum on a little wet hair to maintain the moisture in the hair.

By following the above instructions, you can keep your hair silky and smooth for longer after receiving a keratin treatment. Here’s how you can protect your hair after getting keratin treatment.

Wrap Up

From the above blog, we clearly understood how to sleep after keratin treatment to prevent any further hair damage. It is important that you take extra care after the treatment. It includes things like avoiding hot styling tools and using a chemical-free shampoo and conditioner, protective serum, and oil to keep your hair looking shiny. Your keratin treatment will last longer if you follow the tips and instructions we mentioned in the blog. If you find the above information helpful, share this blog with your friends and family members. To get access to our exclusive content on skincare, sexual health, diabetes, and more, subscribe to our newsletter.



How Often Should I Wash My Hair After Keratin Treatment?

Avoid washing your hair just after the keratin treatment. You can wash your hair after 72 hours of the keratin treatment. But do not wash it regularly there should be a gap of 2 or 3 days. Washing your hair regularly can wash away the treatment quickly and the treatment cannot last longer.

How To Sleep After The Keratin Treatment?

Sleeping position can affect your keratin treatment so you should sleep in the right way to prevent the hair from damaging. Follow these sleeping positions:

  • Sleeping Flat On Your Back 

  • Leave The Hair Loose And Down While Sleeping 

  • Use A Silk Pillow To Sleep

Can I Use Hair Styling Tools After The Treatment?

For one or two weeks after the keratin treatment do not use heating tools like hair straightener or curling iron. You can use these tools after two weeks or one month with moderate heat.

Which Shampoo Should I Use After Keratin Treatment?

Do not use a shampoo that contains alcohol or harsh chemicals. Use a shampoo that is not toxic like sulfate-free or paraben-free shampoo.

Can I Oil My Hair After Keratin Treatment?

Yes, oiling hair can help you to maintain the moisture in your hair. But you should wait for 72 hours before using any kind of oil or any other product on your hair.

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