Omicron BF.7: Is It The New Wave Of COVID19 Infection?

Omicron new variant BF.7

Omicron BF.7: Is It The New Wave Of COVID19 Infection?

Jan 04, 2023

COVID-19 is back! This time with the new variant. You may hear this tragic news on every news channel. Omicron BF.7 indeed creates mass destruction in china. A larger number of people get infected by this coronavirus. The worst part of this new omicron subvariant is that it spreads faster than its previous variants. As a result, many people who get infected by this virus get hospitalized. 

Apart from this, BF.7 also spread in other countries like USA, UK, and India. The primary reason behind the transmission of this virus is international travel. So, is it an indication of another havoc coming to the world? If yes, how can we protect ourselves from this heinous virus? Such questions might strike your mind right now. In this post, we will try to share the available information about this new omicron variant.

What's New In BF.7 Omicron Variant?

Omicron Variant BF.7

In 2021, an omicron variant created mass destruction that resulted in a large number of deaths. Recently its subvariant BF.7, also known as BA., is discovered in Beijing, the capital of china. It is the sub-lineage of its previous variant BA.5. However, various experts define this COVID-19 virus. According to China reports, this virus has a stronger infection rate and quickly transmits between people.

Like any new variant of the corona, the above information is available based on the observation of experts. On average, a single person can infect up to 10-18 other people. Moreover, people who got both doses of vaccines & booster doses can also get infected from this variant.

Possible Symptoms Of Omicron Variant BF.7

Since the variant BF.7 isn't deeply studied, the exact symptoms of this Omicron can’t be defined precisely. Based on the signs of infected people, doctors identify similar symptoms to previous subvariants of Omicron. You might face the following signs in case of Omicron BF.7 infection:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Runny nose
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Weakness
  • Sore throat
  • Fatigue
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

You may experience frequent fever and sore throat during the infection. However, some people don't notice any of these symptoms and get infected by simply coming in contact with an infected person. You might need extra care if you have a weak immune system or a severe illness. The above symptoms are based on expert research. To confirm the infection caused by Omicron BF.7, go for the COVID test.

How Fast Omicron's New Variant Spread Among People?

A protein found on the surface of this virus allows it to spread the infection from one human cell to another. One thing to keep in mind about this Omicron’s new variant spreads faster than the previous ones. The BF.7 has a higher mutation rate, allowing it to travel from one body to another. It carries a specific mutation due to the spike of SARS-COV-2. The BF.7 variant of Omicron has a basic reproduction number of 10-19. 

An infected person can easily transmit the virus from 10-18 uninfected people. With every successful mutation, this Omicron develops its lineages and sub-lineages. Like the previous versions of COVID-19, densely populated area creates a higher risk of spreading this infection. It is advised to avoid social gathering and maintains the appropriate distance.

How Dangerous Is The New BF.7 Variant Of Omicron?

According to recent reports, the new subvariant is far more dangerous than the previous omicron variants. Due to its high transmit rate, it causes a death threat. In China, more than thousands of people get infected daily. 

An infected person can easily transmit this virus to multiple people. Moreover, there is a high probability that you may catch the BF.7 virus immediately through simple contact. It is important to note that proper cautions are necessary from your side to protect it from spreading.

Are Kids Prone To Get Infected From Omicron Variant BF.7?

It is proven that omicron variants equally affect both adults and kids. The same is true with the BF.7 variant, which has a higher transmittable rate. So, if you have children who are likely to play outside, it's time to increase some boundations. Kids who get mixed with unvaccinated kids socially can also get infected easily. As a parent, you must raise awareness about this new variant among your kids. 

Today's kids are smart and have a better understanding of health issues. Your kid may have various questions wandering in their mind right now. Become their friend and explain the negative effects of Omicron. Explain every possible information appropriately. Apart from this, let your kids share what they think about this virus. Also, ensure you have upto date information about Omicron BF.7. Keep checking government sites like World Health Organization (WHO) daily.

Here are the things you can do as a parent to protect your kids from this omicron variant:

  • Ask your kids to wear a mask every time they visit outdoors.
  • Consider sanitization of your place from time to time.
  • Avoid traveling in crowded places. Cancel the public gathering or any event.
  • Make your kids wash their hands regularly.
  • Take your kids to medical checkups.
  • Improve the ventilation indoors.

Does Quarantine Effective In Lower The Infection Rate Of Omicron BF.7?

We have seen in almost every variant of COVID-19 that quarantine is effective in slowing down the infection. No solid study shows that isolation is ineffective in controlling the omicron variant BF.7. Quarantine is the strategy that has been widely used to control the transmission rate of the coronavirus. It is the process in which an infected person is separate from an asymptomatic person. It is advised to use the quarantine to lower the infection rate. Moreover, social distancing of at least 6 feet is also effective.

Can Vaccinated Person Get Infected From BF.7 Variant?

Vaccination comes into the center among the rising cases of COVID-19 in the world. One commonly asked question is: Can a vaccinated person get infected from BF.7 variant

In simple words, our body needs immunity to fight against infection. But in the case of a virus like Omicron, it needs extra protection. 

Our scientists researched the vaccinations that provide additional immune power to the body. The main question is whether vaccination can prevent you from getting infected with variant BF.7 or not. There is still study and research on how the new variant of Omicron behaves and whether previous doses of vaccination will be effective. So, taking the proper precautions like maintaining social distancing, wearing masks, and sanitizing your hands is advised.

What Precautions Should I Take To Protect Myself And My Family From Omicront BF.7 Variant?

With the sudden rise in the cases of COVID-19 in china and other countries, it is clear that this variant is far more dangerous than the previous ones. Right now, there is no vaccination available for this variant. So, you need to follow the precautions from your side to protect yourself and your family. Based on the previous data, experts suggest taking the same steps as we did in the previous variants.

Let's recall the key points to remember to fight against the new variant of Omicron:

  • Cover up your face with three layer mask while going to public places. Try to avoid international travel to keep yourself uninfected.
  • Maintain social distancing to reduce the transmission rate of this virus. Try to keep distancing during transportation.
  • Get vaccinated with both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. If you haven't taken the booster dose, consider taking it urgently.
  • Follow the new guidelines of the corona issued by the government. Upgrade yourself with new rules related to the omicron variant. 
  • Keep sanitized in your living and working area. Always keep the sanitizer in your bag and wash your hands after every 15-30 minutes.

Wrap Up

The recent reports of rising cases of the Omicron BF.7 variant create havoc in china and other countries. No one is ready for the new wave of COVID-19 and the stress of how to cope with it. It is essential to keep yourself safe from this heinous infection. Some common symptoms of corona new variant are cough, cold, and difficulty breathing. Contact your doctors for tests and treatment if you feel the early symptoms.

We hope you will get information about a new variant of Omicron from this post. As there is not enough information available regarding variant BF.7, it is vital to follow the proper precautions from your side. Stick to the new guidelines released by government officials. If you find it helpful, please share this blog with others. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more updates on health-related issues.



Does Quarantine Is Effective In Preventing The Infection Rate Of Omicron BF.7?

Yes, quarantine effectively prevents the infection rate of a new variant of Omicron. Apart from this, it is advised to follow the proper precautions.

What Is The Isolation Period For The Variant BF.7?

The average isolation period for the omicron-infected person is 7-15 days in case of an early reaction. However, you should contact the doctor about the exact isolation period in case of the new omicron variant.

What Are The Early Symptoms Of The New Variant Of Omicron?

The early symptoms of the omicron variant BF.7 are as follows:

  • Fever

  • Cough

  • Sore throat

  • Fatigue

  • Vomiting

What Precautions Should Be Taken To Prevent Omicron BF.7 Variant?

You have to take almost the same precautions to prevent the spread of infection caused by the new variant of Omicron. Some of the steps you should take are as follows:

  • Wear a three-layer mask

  • Sanitize your hands

  • Maintain social distancing

  • Go for medical checkups from time to time.

  • Open the windows to improve the ventilation.

How Fast The New Variant Of Omicron Spread?

The transmission rate of the new variant of Omicron is higher than the previous variants. An infected person can spread the virus to up to 10-18 people.

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