What Are The Pros And Cons Of Semen Retention Mechanism?

Little-Known Pros And Cons Of Sperm Retention Practice
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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Semen Retention Mechanism?

Jul 18, 2023

Ejaculation or masturbation becomes the lifestyle of the majority of men and women. However, doing it regularly can have a negative effect on overall health. But do you know that you can retain your sperm easily? The practice is known as Sperm Retention which is used to prevent ejaculation by using traditional methods. Refraining from ejaculating is a requirement for semen retention. 

Of course, you can accomplish this by abstaining from any sexual activity. You can even discover a way to orgasm without ejaculating with this practice. Sperm Retention is probably as old as humankind, even though it may sound like some crazy new trend. There are many other reasons why people try it, including physical, emotional, and spiritual ones. Learn more about the potential benefits, pros and cons of sperm retention, how it's done, and whether or not the evidence supports the underlying beliefs by reading this blog till the end.

What Is the Sperm Retention Process?

Sperm retention is the practice of preventing ejaculation, either through abstinence or methods like edge, in which a person approaches climax and immediately stops. Avoiding ejaculation is simply called semen retention. You can either learn to experience an orgasm without ejaculating or completely avoid sex and masturbation to do this.

Sperm Retention

In contrast to orgasm, which is associated with a sexual climax, ejaculation releases semen from the penis. It occurs when your sense of pleasure and relaxation is at its peak. In other words, orgasm is what happens in the head, whereas ejaculation happens in the pelvis. You would purposefully withhold ejaculating to experience semen retention's consequences.

Where Does The Concept Of Sperm Retention Originate From?

Semen retention may appear to be a contemporary idea, but this is only because websites and discussion forums have made it simpler to conduct open discussions about such topics. It is a concept that has existed for a very long time and is a part of several old practices. 

There are also more justifications offered for why people are interested in semen retention, such as the idea that repeated ejaculation weakens you. Some sexual experts claim that semen preservation enhances sexual pleasure, fertility, and physical health. Many individuals believe that sperm retention improves spiritual growth and mental health, or that it helps focus sexual energy on other areas of life.

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How Does The Sperm Retention Process Work?

Whether you are trying to avoid having sex altogether or figure out how to orgasm without ejaculating. Sperm Retention is a game-changer mechanism. Establish a routine of performing Kegel exercises because it requires a lot of muscular control. The secret is to flex your pelvic muscles shortly before ejaculation. 

Find the muscles in your pelvic floor. During urination, either stop midstream or contract the muscles preventing gastric discharge. Now that you know where those muscles are, you can move. These exercises can be performed laying down, sitting, standing, or even while you're moving around.

Activate the muscles in your pelvic floor. Three seconds of holding, followed by three seconds of relaxation. There are other names for it: Sperm retention is also known as:-

  • Reserve coitus
  • Historic conservation
  • Sexual restraint

It also involves procedures like Yin and Yang are both cai pu Yin, karezza, maithuna, tantric sex, sexual transformation, and Taoism. There are pros and cons of sperm retention which you should be aware of.

Potential Positive Aspects Of Sperm Retention

Semen retention is said to have several advantages which most people don’t know yet. If you don’t know the pros and cons of sperm retention and some of the positive aspects of this mechanism, you should read the sections below.

Mental Health

  • Increased self-assurance and restraint.
  • Reduced despair and anxiety.
  • Heightened drive.
  • The higher cognitive function generally, including memory and focus.

Physical Advantage

  • More vigor
  • Greater muscle development
  • Better sperm quality, thicker hair, and a deeper voice

Spiritual Benefits

  • Deeper connections
  • More powerful life energy
  • Overall satisfaction

Several pieces of research support this claim. However, there isn't enough research on this intricate, multidimensional subject. Though these claims may not be true due to a lack of sufficient study. It does imply that more thorough investigations and longer-term investigations are required before certain claims can be definitively proven.

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What Studies Signify About Sperm Retention?

In 2018, scientists carried out a systematic review of studies on the duration of ejaculatory abstinence and the properties of semen. They pointed out the uneven quality and scope of the previous research. Evidence suggests that sperm motility improvement is associated with shorter abstinence periods, as opposed to longer abstinence periods.

In a 2007 study on animals, scientists discovered that regular masturbation reduced the number of androgen receptors in the brain, which help your body utilize testosterone.

Researchers discovered a connection between ejaculation and variations in serum testosterone levels in a short study published in 2003. The seventh day of abstinence was when testosterone levels in the 28 volunteers peaked.

When participants stopped masturbating for three weeks, a tiny 2001 showed that their testosterone levels rose. Researchers found that having sex with someone two hours before a competition could harm athletic performance in a 2000 study of male athletes. However, the majority of studies also show that there are various pros and cons of sperm retention.

Pros Of Sperm Retention

The pros of sperm retention are as follows:

  • One of the most frequently mentioned advantages of sperm preservation is an increase in energy. This is a result of the body not having to spend energy on the taxing process of creating new sperm. As a result, the body's overall energy levels will rise. That energy can instead be directed toward other parts of the body.
  • Some sperm retention users claim that it helps them to be more focused and clear-headed. This is probably because semen contains a variety of substances, both chemically and nutritionally, that are crucial for maintaining brain health. The body can re-absorb these substances and employ them to promote brain function by keeping the semen.
  • For some people, sperm preservation techniques might result in more passionate and enjoyable sexual encounters. This is so that when ejaculation eventually comes, it will be more explosive due to increased sexual tension and build-up caused by holding in semen.
  • Finally, some people claim that sperm retention exercises have improved their confidence and sense of self. This might be because they feel more in control of their sexual energy or because they have reaped the rewards of having greater energy and mental clarity.

Cons of Sperm Retention

The cons of sperm retention are as follows:

  • Some research indicates that men who ejaculate more regularly have a lower risk of prostate cancer. This is because regular ejaculation aids in flushing out potentially dangerous chemicals from the prostate gland. These chemicals may accumulate and raise the risk of prostate cancer by keeping in semen.
  • Sperm retention techniques might cause sexual irritability and irritation for certain persons. This is because they are preventing themselves from experiencing the ejaculatory release of sexual tension. Anxiety, impatience, and depression may result from this.
  • Holding in semen for a long time can occasionally cause physical pain, such as groin or testicular pain. This is so because retaining semen can lead to pressure building up in the reproductive system because the body is meant to discharge semen regularly.
  • Finally, some data suggest holding semen for an extended time may raise the risk of infection. This is because germs can accumulate in the reproductive system and produce diseases like prostatitis or epididymitis.

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Wrap Up 

Retaining sperm is an individual decision that has pros and cons. While it might result in more vigor, better mental clarity, and superior sexual performance, it might also result in heightened sexual tension, difficulties sticking with the practice, and potential psychological side effects. A sexual health expert can help if you have any concerns after carefully weighing the advantages and disadvantages. There are pros and cons of sperm retention which we discussed above. 

In the end, you should do what seems appropriate for you and your particular requirements and goals when deciding whether to practice sperm retention. That’s all for this sexual guide on controlling sperm efficiently without wasting it. For getting updates regarding subscribing to our newsletter. Start conversations with our experts at our leading social media handles.



Is Sperm Retention A Short-Term Or Ongoing Practice?

It's a private affair. Think about why you have semen retention and what you intend to achieve. There doesn't seem to be any danger in continuing if it's working for you. If it's not, you are always free to stop.

Is Sperm Retention A Safe Practice?

The majority of men can safely practice sperm retention. However, before beginning the practice, men with a history of prostate issues or other medical concerns should speak with a healthcare provider.

How Long Should I Keep Trying To Retain My Sperm?

You can decide for how long you want to use sperm retention. While some guys might opt to practice it for just a few days or weeks, others might opt to do it for much longer.

Does Keeping Sperm Around Increase Fertility?

There is no proof to support the claim that sperm retention techniques can increase fertility. In actuality, sperm motility and quality might be reduced by extended abstinence from ejaculation.

Erectile Dysfunction Brought On By Sperm Retention?

No proof engaging in sperm retention might lead to erectile dysfunction. Some people claim that practicing sperm preservation leads to increased sexual function and longer-lasting erections.

Is There A Connection Between Spirituality And Sperm Retention?

Sperm retention may be viewed as a means by some spiritual or religious traditions to develop spiritual vitality or to enhance general well-being. The practice is not, however, inherently related to any one tradition or belief system.

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