Sexual Health: A 101 Guide For Beginners To Remain Sexually Fit

Sexual Health
Sexual Health

Sexual Health: A 101 Guide For Beginners To Remain Sexually Fit

Oct 31, 2022

Sexual is a word that has deep meaning. Whenever we hear this word, the first thing that comes to our mind is "Sex." Today majority of humans do it for enjoyment without taking proper precautions. As a result, Sexual health among men and women degrades. 

But the question is, Do you know what healthy sexual life means?

When it comes to defining health it is a broad term. This term divides into subtypes including physical, sexual, spiritual, social, and mental health. Each of them is important for a healthy lifestyle. Let's talk about the least known health among adults and youth. In this guide, you will know everything about sexual well-being life.

What is Sexual health?

In simple words, Sexual health is any state related to sexuality. It involves the physical, mental, and social well-being of humans. The term is broad and is the least talked about among people. Experts define this term by relating it to physical and mental health.

Each of the categories is interrelated, which promotes sexual self-esteemed in humans. It also involves the study of various diseases or infections caused by sexual relationships. 

With modernization, people don't consider sexual talk shameful or embarrassing. Even our doctors research and develop methods to improve people's sexual life.

Signs Of A Sexually Strong Person

The definition of a sexually strong person is simple. Anyone who possesses a good belief and emotional control over relationships. The characteristics may be different from person to person. According to the American Sexual Health Association, a person's health depends on his behavior and mental ability. The following are the signs of a sexually healthy person:

Good Sexual Knowledge

One of the core characteristics of sexually strong people is their knowledge. Their thinking about the various issues or problems can be seen in their communication. A sexually healthy person respectfully interacts with all genders. These people don't feel shy to discuss common issues related to health. 

They ask and share their feeling without any fear. Additionally, a sexual healthy person respects their partner's desire or boundaries. It is only possible due to their vast sexual knowledge.

Well Aware Of The Risk

A sexual healthy person can analyze the risk. These people have a vast knowledge of transmitted infections. Based on this, they educate and protect themselves and their loved ones. 

You can easily find such a person around you. These are the ones who take healthy decisions based on accurate data available. Using their skill and knowledge, they also decrease the risk of infections like HIV.

Build Safe Relationships 

Being a sexually active person means building safe relationships. It is one of the core characteristics of these people. They have a good understanding of relationships. 

Being educated individuals, they make the right decisions about the future. These people have the skills and courage to discuss sexual discuss in front of others.

Importance Of Sexual Education In Life

No matter what is your age or gender, sexual education has become a need today. Its importance is now realized in schools and colleges. But that doesn't mean adults should be unaware of it. Over the years, the government takes the further steps to educate people of different ages on this. In simple words, sexual information or education is knowing sex and sexuality. 

With age, some knowledge of various activities comes naturally among teenagers. It also plays an important role in managing sexual health. Both of the terms are interrelated to each other. You can't expect sexual health without having a good education about it.

Here's why it is important for everyone:

Educate On Sex

A lack of information on sex can make you take the wrong decision. According to the study, people get transmitted infections easily due to a lack of protection. In the case of teenagers, the absence of abstinence can be seen. It is a condition in which a person is not having sex until marriage. As a result, teenagers choose early sex, which results in future complications.

Reduce The Risk Of Infections

Every day, cases of young pregnancies and STIs are reported. The reason is not having information about safe sex among people. The desire for sex easily arises when you don't know your boundaries. The only way to reduce these infections is to educate people(especially teenagers) on sexual activities.

Helps In Decision Making

A better decision is made when you have good knowledge of things. It is also true in the case of sexual health. The right knowledge of things helps people take care of their partners and themselves.

Many decisions like marriage, having a family or not, type of sex, and harassment mainly depend on the level of your education. That's why it is important to promote sex education among people. Every person has to spread awareness regarding sexual health on a large scale.

Common Sexual Problems In Women

The research shows more than 50% of women suffer from sexual dysfunction. Various problems arise due to poor sex. Problems like pain during sex and infections are common nowadays. Having unsatisfying sex can affect our body, mind, and overall health. 

But the question is, do you get a healthy sexual drive? 

Following are the common sexual problems that can be seen in women:

  • Lack of sexual desire

  • Pain during sex

  • Bad orgasm

  • Chronic pain in pelvic

  • Fatigue

  • Menopause

  • Problem in bladder

  • Hysterectomy

Other sexual problems arise in women. Many experts suggest working on the genetic issue. If these symptoms are not treated on time, they can create problems during childbirth.

How To Treat The Various Sexual Problems In Women?

A sexologist usually treats sexual dysfunction. A bad sex drive is an indication of problems in the body. Experts may ask about your medical history to perform the diagnosis process. In the next step, a proper diagnostic test is conducted via MRIs, CT scans, etc. A deep analysis helps experts in finding the real issue of your problem. Some of the trusted ways to treat different problems are as follows:

Use of Medications

The primary way to treat the different sexual dysfunction is by taking medications. Doctors use this step to solve various problems in sex. To increase the hormone levels in women various creams, pills, and shots are given to them. It would be best to take the medication prescribed by a certified sexologist or doctor.


Sexual therapies are becoming popular and a great way to treat various sexual problems in women. A therapist may conduct the counseling session to know your major issues. It is an effective way to increase the sex drive. 

The goal of this therapy is to make the organs active again. The duration of the sex therapy depends on your current problems. There are many sex therapist who conducts online session to resolve the issues.


Mood changes and feelings also directly affect sexual health. Psychotherapy is a way to work on inner disturbance. Women who suffered from harassment in the past have insecurity during orgasms. 

The main purpose of this therapy is to treat inner stress, trauma, anxiety, and guilt. Various psychotherapists have expertise in treating various sexual issues in women.

How To Improve My Sexual Health?

Today, we have access to a vast amount of knowledge. The Internet makes everything easy with a few finger clicks. Sexual information is also one of them. Various big organization like WHO keeps updated regarding the issue in population. 

But still, there is a question you might also ask how I can improve my sexual health? Well, it is simple, and anyone can do it by following the simple steps.

Take Periodic Medical Checkups

In a world full of infections, medical checkups can be a smart move. Its importance increase in maintaining good sexual health. Schedule your medical checkup with your doctor periodically.

By doing so, you have timely information about your current sexual issues. It will also help you take the desired treatment before the issue becomes a serious disease.

Use Birth Control Options

Unsafe sex is the cause of future complications. Couples who don't use protection like condoms or contraction pills are more prone to SITs. It would be best to use birth control options to avoid unwanted pregnancy. One of the common and flexible types of options is hormonal birth control.

Talk With Your Partner

Your sexual well-being also depends on your partner. Make sure you openly talk with your partner about having safe sex. Also, educate them about various things. Discuss even the smaller issue and ask them to take the proper measure. You can also ask about their desire to improve the experience. Both of you must be on the same page to achieve great sexual health.

Final Thoughts

In the fast pace world, sexual health has been neglected by people. As a result, more and more people(especially women) develop sexual dysfunction. It is important to have sex education to avoid future complications. The best way to avoid problems is to take medical checkups, use birth control options, and talk with your partners.

Consult with a doctor if the problem is complicated. We hope you will find this post helpful for yourself. You must share this information with other people. For more health tips, don't forget to subscribe to our blog.


What Is Considered Good Sexual Health?

Good sexual well-being is the ability to make decisions and knowledge of sexual activities. People who are sexually fit have self-esteem and educate others regarding various issues.

How To Know If I'm Sexually Fit?

There are various ways to analyze your sexual fitness:

  • Ask questions related to sexual issues

  • Effective of your communication

  • Interaction with other genders

What Is The Average Age Of Being Sexually Active?

The average age of being sexually active is different in men and women. According to experts, 17 is the average age in males, while 17.2 is in women. However, more than 90% of young people doing sex before this age.

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