Weight Loss Piercing: Types, Benefits, And Its Effectiveness

Weight Loss Piercing: Should You Trust This Method Or Not?
Weight Loss

Weight Loss Piercing: Types, Benefits, And Its Effectiveness

Aug 09, 2023

Acupressure or diet piercing are different names for weight loss piercing, a sort of body modification that is intended to aid in weight loss. It is based on the theory that by stimulating specific pressure spots on the body with jewelry, one can enhance metabolism and reduce appetite. A piercings for weight loss can be done in a variety of forms. Weight reduction piercings come in a variety of designs, with each one focusing on a distinct pressure point on the body.

Different Types Of Weight Loss Piercing

There are various types of piercing done to aid weight loss intended on different parts of the body. Some of the popular ones are as follows: 

Ear Piercing For Weight Loss

The most well-known piercing for weight loss is ear piercing. The theory behind this piercing is that it activates the ear's hunger spot, which aids in reducing appetite. Today, many weight loss experts suggest ear piercing for weight loss as an effective way to lose extra calories.

Daith Piercing For Weight Loss

This trendy weight loss piercing style is called a daith piercing. This piercing, which is supposed to reduce anxiety and stress—both of which can trigger overeating—targets the innermost cartilage fold of the ear.

Tongue piercing For Weight Loss 

A tongue piercing is thought to speed up metabolism, which aids in weight loss. This is so because the thyroid gland, which is crucial for controlling metabolism, is attached to the tongue.

Belly Button Piercing For Weight Loss

By reducing bloating and enhancing digestion, belly button piercing is supposed to aid in weight loss. The navel, which is an acupressure point for the stomach, is the aim of this piercing.

Benefits Of Weight Loss Piercing And Acupuncture

Depending on which points of the body are treated in acupuncture,  there are different advantages of piercing. There are numerous advantages which are mentioned below:

  • Loss of weight
  • A heroin addiction
  • Dependence on tobacco
  • Headaches and migraines.
  •  An enhanced metabolism

Clinical Research & Studies On Weight Loss Piercing

Apart from raising core body temperature and ice hack for weight loss, piercing also emerged as the proven weight loss method popular among the younger generation. There are various studies and research which backed weight loss piercing and some of them are mentioned below.

  • An article from the Pacific College of Health and Science discusses ear piercing as a weight loss method. Twenty obese women between the ages of 22 and 42 participated in the study. A daily 15-minute walk and a 2000-calorie diet were prescribed to them. One group underwent weekly ear stapling treatments for an additional 15 minutes. The group who did not receive ear stapling treatment lost only about 1.5 kilos of weight. A notable weight loss of nearly 5 kilograms was seen in the group that received ear stapling treatment. Additionally, the group that received acupuncture ear stapling also mentioned having less appetite.
  • Weight loss piercing is safe to use, according to a 2014 Austrian study. It is a non-drug method of treating addiction and obesity. This study involved a relatively small sample size of 56 participants.
  • Five acupuncture sites on the ear were used in a randomized controlled clinical research on 91 overweight Koreans. In the trial, 16 men and 75 women with a body mass index (BMI) over 23 participated. They also made sure they hadn't received any sort of weight-loss treatment in the previous six months. The experiment lasted for eight weeks. After the therapy, a 6.1% decrease in BMI was recorded. The research contributed to the finding that treating overweight persons with acupuncture at five specific ear sites was successful.

How Is Ear Stapling For Weight Loss Done?

Here, we provide a high-level explanation of the ear stapling procedure. The external ear cartilage is punctured by the acupuncturist using a specialized staple gun. The process could be painful during and after the treatment for a brief time. For six weeks to three months, the little surgical staple or needle stays embedded in the ear cartilage. 

How long the steel devices or needles stay in the ear is up to the acupuncturist's discretion. To adjust the needle placement, acupuncturists may ask the patient to return. Because once the body becomes accustomed to the staple or needle, they lose its effectiveness. As a result, it needs to be relocated within the cartilage.

How Do Piercings Help People Lose Weight?

The pressure points, which are based on traditional Chinese medicine, are the main focus. When the needles are in place, pressure is applied to certain locations, which restores the metabolism to normal. It lessens cravings for food and hunger.

Weight-Loss Piercing

Additionally, getting your ears pierced causes the brain to release endorphins. These endorphins calm the nervous system and assist in preventing overeating. Stress and anxiety are reduced. Endorphins also aid the proper operation of the digestive system. So, when everything is considered, you lose more weight.

Do Piercings for Weight Loss Really Work?

There is not much proof to back up the claim that weight loss piercing is effective. It's vital to keep in mind that while some people may claim to feel less hungry or have more energy after receiving a weight reduction piercing, these advantages could also be the result of a placebo effect or other circumstances.

Additionally, there are hazards associated with receiving a piercing, including allergic reactions, infection, and scars. To reduce these hazards, it's critical to select a competent piercer and adhere to the recommended aftercare recommendations.

Is Weight Loss Piercing Safe And Effective?

To try weight loss piercing or not is ultimately a personal choice. It's crucial to do your research and consult a professional piercer if you're thinking about getting a weight loss piercing. To find out if weight reduction piercing is a safe and practical choice for you, you might also want to speak with a healthcare practitioner.

Things To Consider Before Getting Ear Pierced For Weight Loss

There are a few things you need to keep in mind before going for a weight loss piercing:

  1. Any foreign object inserted into any region of your body risks infecting you.
  2. Infection and deformity risks are raised by cartilage piercing.
  3. It's risky to do it under unhygienic settings.
  4. DO NOT get your ears stapled at a body piercer.
  5. Ear stapling is a risky technique that is mostly unregulated.

Advice On Using Stapling Acupuncture To Lose Weight

If you are looking to get your ear or other body piercing for weight loss for the first, we suggest you keep this expert-backed advice.

  • Finding a trained and skilled acupuncturist is essential.
  • A certified acupuncturist should personally provide piercing for weight loss.
  • Untrained practitioners have produced numerous complaints throughout the years that resulted in ear infections and excruciating agony.
  • To effectively aid in weight loss, the ear piercing procedure must be used in conjunction with calorie restriction. To determine how many calories you need to consume, utilize our BMR calculator.
  • Make sure to up your physical activity.

Pros And Cons Do Weight Loss Piercing

Weight loss piercing is considered one of the effective ways to lose weight. However, it has its own pros and cons of which you must be aware.

Pros For Weight Loss Piercing

  •  After getting the piercing, some people claim to have fewer cravings and hunger pangs. This is a non-invasive way to lose weight.
  • Compared to other weight loss techniques, it is reasonably affordable.

 Cons For Weight Loss Piercing

  • There is not much scientific data to back up its efficacy.
  • In particular, if the magnet is excessively powerful, the piercing may be painful or uncomfortable.
  • Pregnant women or others with specific medical issues may not be able to use it.

Wrap Up

We hope you now have a better understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of weight loss piercing. Finding a licensed and skilled acupuncturist is the most crucial step in getting your ears pierced for weight loss. The efforts are futile if the steel instruments and needles are not inserted into the proper pressure spots. Acupuncturists claim that in these situations weight loss is not always assured.

You must realize that concerns about improper practices over the years have resulted in pain and infection. This is a result of practitioners who lack credentials. Never seek weight loss treatment from body piercers. Furthermore, weight loss cannot be achieved alone with ear stapling. For you to lose the additional weight in your body, a low-calorie diet and more exercise are essential.

You'll find it helpful to learn more about acupuncturists' patients who have undergone ear piercing as part of their weight reduction treatment. The decision you make regarding the acupuncturist will be aided by and made more confident by such facts.

If you have any doubts or questions about piercing for weight loss, feel free to ask our experts at You can also start a conversation on our social media platforms.


Are Piercings For Weight Loss Safe?

Weight loss piercing is generally regarded as safe when done by a qualified piercer using adequate sterilization practices, even though receiving a piercing does have some dangers, such as infection and scars.

Can Body Piercings Aid With Weight Loss?

There is not much proof to back up the claim that weight loss piercings are effective. It's vital to keep in mind that while some people may claim to feel less hungry or have more energy after receiving a weight reduction piercing, these advantages could also be the result of a placebo effect or other circumstances.

Where Does The Pressure To Lose Weight Exist?

The ear is pressured at 5 different locations during the acupuncture ear stapling treatment. This article discusses the full procedure for ear stapling, as well as its advantages and hazards.

Can Tragus Piercing Render You Paralyzed?

Tragus piercing cannot paralyze or have any significant negative effects if it is performed properly by a skilled acupuncturist.

Who Shouldn't Get A Weight-Loss Tattoo?

Not everyone is a good candidate for a weight loss piercing. Avoid getting the piercing if you have certain medical issues including epilepsy or a heart condition. The piercing should be avoided by those who are pregnant and those who have pacemakers. Additionally, you might want to think twice about getting the piercing if you have a poor pain threshold or are prone to infections.

Is A Weight-Loss Piercing A Viable Alternative To A Healthy Way Of Life?

No, a weight loss piercing shouldn't be considered a replacement for healthy lifestyle decisions like eating a balanced diet and exercising frequently. It's not a magic weight loss cure, but it may assist to lessen cravings and hunger pangs. A sustainable lifestyle is crucial if you want to lose weight.

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